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Faucet Leak Detection & Repair

Believe it or not, not fixing your leaky faucet will end up costing you more in the long run than if you were to choose to fix it right away with Waters Edge Plumbing's leak detection specialists. Turn to your local experts at Waters Edge Plumbing of Midland, Texas to get rid of your tiny to huge leaks- right away! 


Leaky Faucets can cause your home to waste not just one thousand, but upwards to TEN THOUSAND gallons in water yearly. Add up those bills...or maybe don't, because it's a lot of money down the drain! Waters Edge Plumbing Service of Midland, TX wants to help you save those pennies, so give us a call if you have a sneaking suspicion you may have a leak. 


Whether it be in plain site or something we need to search for, Waters Edge Plumbing Service of Midland, TX is your go-to leak detection specialist for quick, professional leak detection or repairs.

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What could be the issue here?

A Broken O-ring: A broken or damaged O-ring will cause leaking near the handle of your faucet.

Corrosion: Leaking around the spout of your faucet can occur if there is corrosion within the actual faucet and the spout of your faucet from water sediments.

Worn Out Pieces: Over time everything needs to be replaced do to over-use and just being old; if you notice dripping out of the spout it could also be due to a worn-out washer piece.

Loose Parts: Over-use can also cause leaking to occur if parts become loose within the fixture.

Broken Pipes: Although uncommon to cause a leaky faucet, damaged piping can cause your faucet to leak.

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