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Pool Heater Repair

Your swimming pool is a luxury in your home, offering a soothing oasis when the summer heat gets unbearable. But just because the summer temperature here in west Texas is hot enough to warm your pool doesn’t mean it will stay that way all year. You need a  pool heater that you can rely on to keep your pool a comfortable, consistent temperature all year, without costing you a fortune in heating costs. You need someone that can keep your pool heater running correctly and efficiently and that is where Waters Edge plumbing Service steps in. We can help you with your pool heater repair & maintenance.

Repairing pool heaters, and replacing pool heating parts and equipment is just one of our specialties. Pool heater repairs and troubleshooting can be a very daunting task. Repairing pool heaters is, typically, not a do-it-yourself project. It is often much more economical to trust someone who is professionally qualified to repair pool heater. Your pool heater is a complicated piece of equipment, often powered by 220 volts of electricity and in most cases fueled by natural gas or propane as well as requiring interaction of multiple safety controls. Many repairs are actually completed without replacement parts. Our pool heating repair experts can quickly identify the problem, and in turn, save you money as a result.

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If you are having pool heater issues or any other plumbing service problems in Midland Texas, or the surrounding areas, call Waters Edge Plumbing Service today. From drain cleaning to complete plumbing repairs our friendly plumbing technicians have the skill and experience to help repair any problems affordably and completely. Call Waters Edge today at 432-262-1294 to schedule an appointment.

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